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[Abib] Mild acidic pH sheet mask Yuja Fit 30ml (10pcs)

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About this item

  • Mild acidic pH sheet mask Yuja fit Crystal clear skin! Take care of your skin with crystal clear skin pack with pH value which is nearly close to your skin’s without any irritation
  • Mild acidic pH. Strengthen immunity of skin and adjust pH balance to maintain healthy skin !
  • Yuja: Citron, Citron Peel Extract and Citron Essential Oil improve skin tone with instant moisture and fresh feeling. #Refreshment #Relieves skin fatigue #Vitamin care
  • ALBAM. ALBAM = ALbumin + BAMboo Special ALBAM sheet made of bamboo fabric and albumin(egg white) If you apply pack to skin, the sheet starts to tighten and improve elasticity of skin while providing effective ingredients of essence and absorbing.

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