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LG] ReEn Heukmobichaek Oriental Cream Hair Dye (Light Brown) 3 Treatments

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  • 3 Pack Dye Treatment: Allows users to perform 3 separate convenient treatments & Includes Complete Supply Kit : Users do not have to purchase additional tools/equipment with hair dying supplies included
  • Contains herbal ingredients derived including Chameleon Plant extracts: Great for dry hair and scalp and maintain healthy hair and scalp with natural sophora ingredients
  • Built-in Black Moisturizer for dyeing and nutrition / gloss management & it has a bright shine after dyed with a mixture of herbal raw ingredients such as gardenia, safflower & cinnamon.
  • Patented (Patent Registration No. 10-0754122) to improve bright color and dyeing sustainability
  • Nielsen Company ranking #1 (5 years in a row) hair dye in S. Korea based on nationwide large-format marts

Product Description

LG ReEn Oriental Cream Hair Dye is a leading hair dye in South Korea.
Cream hair dye derived from precious herbal ingredients to produce healthy dying cream.
-Chameleon Plant extract for phytotoxicity and healthy hair and scalp calming
-Weeping chestnuts have been used to manage scalp and hair since ancient times.

Economical and convenient:
3 agent packs allows users up to 3 separate/additional dying treatment sessions It can be divided into as many as necessary.
-The amount of one agent is mixed as it is.
-Convenient, clean, easy dying after-treatment every time without discoloration
-Authentic LG Oriental Cream Hair Dye (Black Brown)
-Includes full supply kit (Brush/Comb,Gloves,etc. - refer to images)

How To Use
1) Mix well the 1st (1제) 20g & 2nd (2제) pack of 20g before use and apply evenly to hair.
2) After 10-15 minutes, rinse well with lukewarm water, then rinse thoroughly with soap or shampoo, and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
3) You can increase or decrease the capacity according to the amount of hair.

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