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[Etude House] Soonjung Cica Sleeping Pack - Panthensoside 5 3.38fl.oz (100ml)

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  • ETUDE HOUSE Soonjung Cica Sleeping Pack - Panthensoside 5 3.38fl.oz (100ml)
  • The sleeping pack soothes sensitive skin and strengthens the moisture barrier during the night
  • Special care sleeping pack for irritated skin
  • Cica care sleeping pack takes cares of sensitive skin overnight and strengthens the skin barrier with its 5% of Panthensoside
  • Deep moisture delivered by creamy balm type formula
  • The formula softly adheres and absorbs into skin so that the skin stays firm and moist and withstands external influences
  • Special care ingredient “Panthensoside+5%”
  • Three kinds of “Centella Asiatica” ingredients haven been added to strengthen your skin barrier and provide special care effect along with panthenol
  • While you’re asleep it provides antioxidant effect & moisture to strengthen the skin barrier
  • Pure & mild
  • Night care
  • Made in Korea
  • 에뛰드 하우스 순정 판텐 소사이드 5 시카 슬리핑 팩 3.38fl.oz (100ml)
  • 자극받은 피부를 위한 집중케어 슬리핑 팩
  • 판텐소사이드+가 5% 함유되어 밤사이 예민한 피부를 잠재우고 피부 장벽을 강화하는 시카 케어 슬리핑 팩
  • 깊은 보습감을 선사하는 크리미한 밤 타입 제형
  • Barcode: 8809668018653

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