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[It's Skin] *Renewal* Power 10 Formula Propolis Effector Honeydew Fairy

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-It contains 82% of Brazil's Green Propolis, so it's not sticky.
-It's a fresh honey essence.
  • Firming & Brightening
  • This ampule is enriched with natural extracts including propolis extract, halla cham-honey extract, black rose, freesia, and white daisy complexes that help moisturize and brighten skin naturally. Propolis extract is particularly potent for anti-aging purposes.

Suggested Use
Apply a couple of drops to your face and gently pat on for better absorption.

Key Ingredients
Propolis extract, butylene glycol, glycerin, glyceres-26, betaine, panthenol, adenosine, sodium hyaluronate, indomulbead tree leaf extract, indomulbead tree flower extract, capril/caprilglucoside, polyglyceryl-10 laurate, carbomethane, purified hydrothermal.

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