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IUNIK Noni Light Oil Serum

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  • What is Noni? It is a natural fruit, which has the same size as a potato. It originated from Southeast Asia, however, the Noni fruit that was used here is from America. iUNIK Noni Oil Serum is formulated with Noni extract that was processed by ultrasound for extraction, not Noni powders.
  • Noni, Morinda Citrifolia, has a number of skin benefits, including: lessening the appearance of fine lines/ s, improving skin firmness, improving skin elasticity, lessening age spots and discolorations, and toning.
  • The Oil Serum contains Noni Fruit Extract 42% and Noni Extract 1,000 ppm.
  • It is a weight serum that has a clear texture. It is absorbed very quickly and provide an instant hydration and nourishment. Ideal for all skin types.
  • INGREDIENTS BLUE-BERRY, JOJOBA OIL, OLIVE OIL & NONI OIL- A special formula containing blue-berry extracts and 3 types of naturally derived oil help to reduce fine lines, improve skin elasticity. The ingredients will reduce the sign of aging. will be a thing of the past. The olive oil will boost cell regeneration and reveal a youthful appearance. The vegan oil is cultivated in organic farms.

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