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Mediheal Hair Sheep Steam Pack x 3pcs

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Hair Sheep Steam Pack - 40g x 5ea

Product Description

Hair Sheep Steam Pack is a thermal hair pack that turns tired hair from frequent perm, dyeing, stress, etc. into shiny and elastic hair.

It contains protein-rich goat milk extract and hydrolyzed collagen to help soften the texture of the hair.
The subtle warmth helps nutrients to be easily absorbed into the hair.

Volume : 40g x 5ea

After Opening : Use immediately after opening the pouch.

Expiry Date : March 2023

Conutry of Origin : Korea

How to Use

After shampooing, gently remove moisture, gather the hair toward the crown, and apply Sheep Steam Pack as if covering the entire hair.
After removing the transparent film on the back of the sticker, fix it so that the hair does not flow down using a sticker.
Massage lightly so that the highly concentrated nutrients are well absorbed, and after 10 to 15 minutes, remove the pack and rinse your hair thoroughly.
After rinsing and drying the hair, the hair is shiny and soft.

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