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Plu Nature and Perfume Body Wash (Baby Powder) Large Size 1000g

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Long-lasting fragrance shower
Hyaluronic acid 8-fold moisturizing
100% natural cleaning ingredients
Hypoallergenic body shower

  • This natural therapy body wash provides refines, softens and nourishes the skin as it imparts intense hydration and a satiny finish.
  • An aromatherapy blend of nature origin essential oils creates a sense of peace.
  • Neutralizes free radicals, protects cells from premature ageing.
  • With the patented formula and premium grade of natural ingredients has been optimized for your skin.
  • 100% soft and natural Baby Powder ingredients to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells without irritation leaving skin smooth and supple.
  • All worry-free (Microbeads-free, Paraben-free , Venzophenones-free , Silicon oil-free).

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