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The history of Whoo Hwanyu Special Gift Kit Cream/Essence/Eye Cream Set

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1. Hwanyu Imperial Youth Cream  4ml

The most prestigious facial cream containing 70 kinds of rare and valuable herbal ingredients combined with the 4 ‘Gun’ ingredients for eternal youth.

which controls the essence inside and outside of the skin and enhances the efficacy of medicines, and removes toxin and makes such ingredients penetrate deep into the skin.

2. Hwanyu  Imperial Youth Essence  7ml

The most prestigious essence with PalJinBoJeongDan and 4 ‘Gun’ ingredients to help make the skin look 10 years younger

3. Hwanyu  Imperial Youth Eye Cream  4ml

Gongjinhyang Intensive Nutritive Eye Cream is infused with lithospermum extract and gallnut extract which facilitates blood flow around the eyes and reduces the appearance of dark circles. 

Firms the tender skin around the eyes, reduces the appearance of fine lines and improves the overall radiance of the eye area.

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