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The history of Whoo Jinyul Eye Cream 20ml Eye Firming Anti-aging dark circles

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Jinyul Eye Cream

With delicate and pleasant texture, this moisture rich Eye Cream rapidly absorbs into the skin and tightens the loose skin around the eyes, creating bright, glossy skin.


Jinyul Eye Cream - 20 ml 



A secret royal court formula that presents heavenly skincare to empresses.

GongJinHyang is whoo' basic care line that contains wild ginseng coroyceps sinensis and 'Gongjinbidan', a secret royal court heavenly beauty formula presented exclusively to the emperor and empress.

Through the harmony between the yin-yang conformation princlple for the balance of the skin and the principle od increasing water and diminising fire for enhancing moisture within the skin while effectively soothing it.

It gives the skin a new radiance and smoothness.

Jinyulhyang - 40 years of age, presenting the secret of amazing skin anti-aging formula to aged queen

Jinyulhyang is the court secret of pure cosmetic resin to protect your skin by supplying the pure resin and giving you back the beauty with 5 thousand years history.

How to Use

After Jinyul Lotion, apply this cream underneath the eyes and to the outside area of the eyes using your fingertips. Gently rub the cream into the surface, ensuring that is absorbed into the skin.


30 months after the manufacturing date



LG Household & Healthcare Ltd. (Made in Korea)



- Please do not use it if you have a scar on your face.

- Keep it away from children.

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