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Tonymoly - Back Gel Eyeliner #1 Black (4g)

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Why we love it
This legendary eyeliner is Korea top eyeliner and a must-have for makeup pouches, and once you start using it, you can never go back.
The upgraded liner has a longer brush, adding to the convenience and color is clear and distinct.
With its product quality recognized and using the same content from the beginning, it has been loved for 12 years since 2010.
Influencers have left reviews recognizing the product as the no. 1 gel eyeliner: it is easy to store because of its included brush, it can be used every day since it lasts long and feels smooth, it is long lasting and waterproof, as well as smudge-proof.
The clear vivid color completes a solid and deep eye makeup, and also goes well regardless of eyelid type.
Recommended for people looking for eyeliners with a brush attached, people looking for long-lasting eyeliner, or people who want to try different types of eye makeup.
Featured ingredients
The long lasting gel formula adheres smoothly onto the skin and remains fixed all day long, and enables soft and delicate drawing.
Now 15 mm longer, the soft high-elasticity brush has a smoother slide and convenience, making it possible for even beginners to draw eyeliner wings.
As a fixer eyeliner, it provides a solid gaze without shaky lines or smudging.
How to use
Take a suitable amount of gel eyeliner onto the brush and spread it evenly on the eyes to avoid clumping.
Fill in the eyeline, starting from the space in between the lashes.
The brush should be stored after cleaned well with a wet tissue.
Close lid tightly after use.

[Color Feature]
01 Black gives off the image of your soul being black as the void.
02 Brown is a tone that reminds people of brownies.
03 Pearl Brown can be used regardless of warm or cool tones.

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