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WHOO Seol Radiant White Emulsion 5ml x 30pcs

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 Chinese character “后” written by a calligraphist means “the empress”.

   It also resembles the musical instrument “Fidel”. THE HISTORY OF WHOO is premium royal court cosmetics

   for today’s empress with a modern reinterpretation of the royal court secrets.


 : Whitening emulsion with moisture that helps create transparent skin with no sticky feeling or dryness.


 : Chinese chrysanthemum that has good fragrance brightens the skin and provides vitality.


 : This brightening emulsion is formulated with Korean herbs and botanicals to effectively exfoliate for a youthful

   and brighter complexion without discomfort.


▶ How to use


 : Apply the emulsion to the skin and absorb it with the warmth in palm of hand.


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