PHA (Lactobionic Acid)

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    To put it simply, Lactobionic acid is the oxidized form of lactose that is derived from milk. Lactobionic acid is a polyhydroxy acid (also known as a PHA) and is an exfoliator, but one that is a gentler alternative to glycolic and salicylic acid.

    간단히 말하면, 락토바이오닉애씨드는 우유에서 추출한 유당의 산화된 형태입니다. 락토바이오닉애씨드는 폴리하이드록시산(PHA라고도 함)이며 각질 제거제이지만 글리콜산과 살리실산보다 더 순한 대안입니다.

    Is lactobionic acid a PHA or AHA?

    Exfoliates: Because lactobionic acid is a PHA, it functions to gently exfoliate and remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells on the skin, but is considered more gentle than AHAs due to their larger size, which limits skin penetration.

    What not to use with PHA?

    Because PHAs are an acid, they shouldn't be combined with pH-sensitive ingredients. “This includes vitamin C, which is a very unstable molecule,” Shainhouse says. Instead, apply vitamin C serum in the morning and your PHA exfoliant at night.
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