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1. Oil type Centella asiatica extract unique to Skin 1004 with the soothing effect of Centella.
2. Micellar particles and strong emulsifying power combine to remove heavy makeup at once.
3. Vegetable oil blending cares for blackheads and sebum.
4. Provides a fresh and light finish with a water-light texture.

Suggested Use
1. Pump an appropriate amount of oil on dry hands.
2. Apply on dry face and roll gently.
3. When the makeup melts, apply water to emulsify it.
4. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

About this item
Dissolves makeup and residues in the skin with Centella oil (MCT-oil-extracted Centella) and 6 botanical ingredients
Micellar cleansing oil allows removal of excess oil and makeup without removing healthy oils
No more sore eyes and oil layers; Cleansing Oil With 11 Ingredients Only
Water-like light texture, suitable for those who are new to oil cleansers
Non-comedogenic and dissolves sebum to prevent pore congestion

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