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[SKIN1004] Madagascar Centella Soothing Cream 75ml

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1. Solid foundation work for healthy skin: Centella Soothing Cream blends 4 types of Ceramide Complex, Cholesterol, and Stearic Acid properly to strengthen the collapsed skin barrier and make the skin tighter and stronger.
2. Controls skin temperature with cooling qualities: Intense sunlight from hot summer or dry and warm air from heaters in the winter can damage the skin. Use the soothing cream to cool and calm skin rapidly.
3. Mildly acidic cream for healthy skin: mildly acidic formula to match the pH level of the skin to maintain pH balance and care for the skin barrier.
4. Gel like texture delivering moisture: creams to support the skin barrier does not have to be heavy!

Suggested Use
Apply an appropriate amount on the skin and tap lightly to absorb.

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