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TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Artclass By Rodin Highlighter

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Artclass By Rodin Highlighter, 11g, 32,000 ks





Artclass By Rodin Highlighter is a strobing palette that adds a luminous light and glow to your best features with three shades of shimmery pressed powder.

Did you know that you also need a low lighter to complete strobing makeup? This strobing palette features two highlighters in different shades, one in pearly shimmer, and another one in peachy shimmer, and a low lighter in pink shimmer. The two highlighters add illumination and pop desired features on your face, such as T-zone (bridge of nose connecting with forehead drawing T), just above brow bone, cupid’s bow. The lowlighter adds subtle vitality to the C-zone, which is around the cheek bone, to bring out facial contours with natural radiance. The low lighter can also be used as a eye shadow and blush to give uniformity to your strobing look.

How to use:

  1. Blend all three colors together to highlight forehead and cheek bones.
  2. Use the two highlighters on smaller areas, such as nose, chin, brow bones, cupid’s bow, inner corners of eyes.
  3. Use the lowlighter around cheek bones (or as an eye shadow or blush) to give natural vitality.

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